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How To Maintain Generator Set Temperature


Diesel generators are essential equipment for enterprise backup power. The working temperature of the generator set is directly related to the quality of power delivered by diesel generators. Because the moving parts of diesel generator equipment are easily deformed and damaged at high temperatures, if the temperature is too low, the work efficiency will also be reduced, the start-up time will be prolonged, and carbon deposition will occur. In conclusion, the operating temperature determines the output efficiency of a diesel generator.

Due to the different temperatures in different regions, the requirements for the working environment of diesel generator equipment are also different, and the required working temperature is also slightly different.

In most cases, it is recommended that critical diesel generators be subjected to a load bank test at least once a year for 60 minutes at 80% of maximum load. Critical diesel generators can be tested more frequently, but it all depends on individual requirements and industry requirements. In addition, diesel generator sets in use should be run at least once a month for at least 30 minutes, using one of the following methods: Maintain the load with the manufacturer’s recommended minimum exhaust temperature at operating temperature conditions and not fall below the standby kW rating 30% of the value.

How to keep the genset temperature normal:

1. Keep the bearings lubricated

Insufficiently lubricated bearings can cause generators to fail at high temperatures. While some generators with ball or roller bearings are equipped with “lifetime” lubrication, sleeve bearings usually have an oil tank with a sight gauge to check the oil level. Mineral oil-based lubricants can be used for high speeds and heavy loads, while greases are better suited for low speeds and light loads.

2. Keep the battery with sufficient electrolyte

Like a puddle on a hot sidewalk, hot weather can evaporate the electrolyte in the battery, which can cause a failed start when the generator is required to run. The battery components should be checked weekly for proper functioning. Terminal connections also need to be checked to make sure they are tight, as loose connections can generate excessive heat. 

3. Clean the filter

Hot, dry months mean dust, and dust means clogged air and fuel filters, which means more wear and tear on diesel generators and more work to put out. The air filter can be removed, tapped lightly to remove dust, sprayed with compressed air to clean, otherwise it should be replaced. Cleaning fuel and oil filters is more complicated and probably best left to professionals, but they are also important to keep your equipment at peak performance levels.

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